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Motorcycle Insurance

Wether you’re a life long rider or beginner motorcycle operator SaveDirect Insurance has a program for you. No experience or M1 endorsement required! Get a Quote Today!

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California Motorcycle Laws and Insurance Requirements
The state of California requires its riders to meet minimum coverage requirements. For a listing of specific motorcycle requirements and laws in place, click here.

Our Motorcycle Insurance Coverages in the State of California
California’s minimum insurance requirements may not be enough to protect both you and your bike. We offer these coverages to California riders:

Bodily Injury
If you cause an accident that results in injury or death of others, bodily injury coverage can help protect your legal liability and may cover: Medical expenses, Lost wages, Pain and suffering, Death.

Property Damage
If you damage another’s property in an accident, property damage coverage can help protect you.

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage
Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) coverage may pay for property damage to your vehicle as a result of an accident caused by the owner or operator of an uninsured motor vehicle, or a hit and run motor vehicle.

Medical Expense
Accidents can happen, and there may be times when you and your passengers need medical services for bodily injury, sickness, disease, or death.

Comprehensive coverage is intended to cover accidental damage to your motorcycle caused by events such as fire, vandalism, severe weather, theft, floods or contact with animals. Comprehensive coverage does not cover collision or rollover damage and is subject to a deductible.

Collision coverage applies when your bike is in an accident and incurs damage due to colliding with an object or rolling over, regardless of fault, subject to a deductible.

Optional Equipment/Special Equipment
Optional Equipment/Special Equipment may pay for the loss of and damage to permanent equipment or accessories that are not factory standard as defined by the manufacturer.

Physical Damage Plus
Genuine, original equipment from the manufacturer will be used for repairs when you have Physical Damage Plus on your policy following a covered accident.

Excursion Diversion
This coverage is important for those riders who travel 100 or more miles from their residence on their bike. In the case of an accident 100 or more miles from your home, Excursion Diversion Insurance may pay for eligible expenses such as: Transportation, Food, Lodging, Towing, Lost deposits, Damaged safety apparel

Rental Reimbursement
While your bike is being repaired due to a covered accident, rental reimbursement coverage may pay for eligible transportation expenses that occur.

Replacement Cost
In a case where your bike is deemed a total loss after an accident, replacement cost coverage may pay to replace your motorcycle (not including optional equipment). To be eligible for this coverage, your bike must be: Previously untitled, Purchased within the last 90 days, and Fewer than three model years old.

Roadside Assistance
There may come a day when your bike won’t work due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Roadside Assistance can provide 24-hour towing and roadside service in situations such as: Battery failure, Flat tires, Lock-out, Insufficient fuel/oil/fluid

Special Processions
This optional coverage can provide protection for riders who take part in a daytime escort (parades or funeral processions), in which the rider participates with their motorcycle in conjunction with a business, as long as the primary occupation is not providing such a service.

California Motorcycle Insurance Discounts
Our California riders are offered a variety of discounts based on individual eligibility:

California Good Driver Discount
This discount may be applied to all vehicles on a policy that qualify for “good driver” status. These qualifications include:
Licensed for the past three years, Holds a current motorcycle endorsement, No more than one Department of Motor vehicles violation point during the last three years, No driving under the influence convictions within the last 10 years

H.O.G. Member Discount
When you are a member of the Harley Owners Group, you may receive a members-only discount.

Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course
Drivers who are 55 or older and have passed a state-approved Mature Driver Improvement Course may qualify for this discount.

Anti-Theft Discount
Unfortunately, there are people who may want to steal your bike. We offer a discount for those who have an audible anti-theft alarm installed on their bike.

Rider Course Discount
We offer a discount to riders who voluntarily take and pass a motorcycle rider course within the last five years.

Multi-Cycle Discount
If you own multiple bikes, it is easier to insure them on one policy, and we believe in rewarding you with a discount.

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